A downloadable asset pack

Bright fruit icons with a pop! Another asset Perfect for match three games and cookery games. Although I'm sure you will come up with your own use for these assets.

As time goes by I hope to be uploading more assets to the itch store but until then if you like my style and want more assets like these check out my game asset storehttps://www.gamedveloperstudio.com. There are tons more assets like this there.

Hope you like them!

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AuthorRobert Brooks - gamedeveloperstudio.com
Tagscookery, Crafting, fruit, fruits, Icons, ingredients, vector-art


itch.zip 2 MB


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Hey! Thanks for the assets :) We used this pack a lot in our project submission for a game jam. https://duff97.itch.io/strawberry-rush


hi, i'm planning to use these in a play store game, obviously i'm going to give credit in the game, is this okay?

thank you for making this

Thanks bro i need this!

Looking good bro!!

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Great! i love it, i like how they are seperate asets instead of on a sprite sheet, much easier!!! they are amazing!

edit i forogt i used this in my game https://chaos315.itch.io/whack-fruit

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Hi I used the orange from this pack in my Jam game Falling in love with oranges.

Icon was integrated in the logo and life indicator.


Awesome ! I'd like to think I did well in the game too, got through about 9 grids. Is that poor! Love the font with the orange too!.

Thanks for the comments. 9 grids is not bad, it's just the point where it goes from "OK, I can do this" in level 9, to "mommy, how can I ever do this" in level 10.

But hey, it was built in 3 hours so I'm not complaining :)


This assets are beautiful . Can i use this in my commercial game?

Sorry for the slow reply, I'm struggling to keep uyp to date with all the posts I have all over the web! Yeah of course you can !!!