A downloadable asset pack

Here are some common ui elements for your games.

As time goes by I hope to be uploading more assets to the itch store but until then if you like my style and want more assets like these check out my game asset store at https://www.gamedveloperstudio.com. There are tons more assets like this there.

Hope you like them!


itch.zip 1 MB


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Robert... Thank you for sharing this content with us. I appreciate it very much!

Hey! Thanks for this asset, it's great! Just to let you know, I've used it in my game =)

The game is currently available on Google Play Store, so feel free to have a look: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nightorbstudios.virusrun

I hope you like it!

Thanks Matheus, You're welcome!

I really love your assets and your style! 

Can i use this assets for my game? The game that I develops for a competition.

Yeah sure you can. Good luck!

very nice

Thanks very much! I've got more on my site too! I even think this pack was updated last week!  My site is www.gamedeveloperstudio.com

Nope sorry not this pack, it was a different free icon pack. Any hoo, there's more free stuff on the site